What is eco friendly yoga? In 2016, curiosity got the best of me. After my diagnosis with endometriosis, I became more aware of what I put in, and on my body. As a result I committed to going plastic free. I searched for ways to cut the toxic stuff out. Renovating my yoga practice was number one on the list.

Plastic Free Yoga

Plastics dominate yogis, but ironically, yoga is healthy. Most mats are made with non-recyclable Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This plastic pollutes to the nth degree. PVC releases dioxins into the air at every stage of its life cycle. These dioxins are hormone disruptors causing problems in the entire body. That means, while we move through the asanas, a silent killer rests below.

So in an effort to curb PVC in my life, I opted for a greener yoga mat. My new plastic free yoga practice, was wonderful. Until I encountered another obstacle. Sustainable mats have a durability issue. Specifically, popular cork mats peel. They break down as fast as any plastic mat on the market. So here I was, transforming my personal health and reducing my footprint. Nope! I was wasting mats quicker than I could vinyasa. That was an epiphany moment-create an eco friendly durable yoga mat! Livity Yoga was born.

We Embody Nature

Livity doesn’t end at sustainable products. Since the name is derived from a Jamaican word, meaning “to live a natural lifestyle.” It is important that we embody nature. Growing up on the island, I learned the importance of caring for the environment, the community and ourselves. I instill these teachings in Livity.

So it is less about better products, and more a preservation of all that we are. We are committed to: sustainable and fair trade materials, ethical manufacturing with fair wages, and driving a social mission. As a member of the 1% for the Planet, we give 3% from every product sold to social and environmental issues. These donations are focused on domestic/international projects, spearheaded by respectable non-profit organizations.

With that, I want to welcome you to the Livity Life Blog. Come and see what eco friendly yoga is all about. Get an exclusive on all our adventures. For more on our brand story, go here.  

~Renee Manzari CEO