What good are the peaceful teachings of yoga if they aren’t shared with the world? That is why we have rooted a social mission in Livity Yoga. Offering yoga gear is a means to take action and get involved. We set a high standard: be sustainable, do good, and inspire others. These goals are realized in a membership with 1% for the Planet

What is 1% for the Planet?

It is a group of people committed to caring for the world. Members comprise of businesses that contribute funds to a vast array of environmental non-profits. The platform facilitates climate action through direct contributions. 

We exist to ensure that our planet and future generations thrive.

Businesses can elect to give a percentage of sales to an organization that fits their brand. This ensures that non profits have consistent funding. Livity Yoga is committed to donating 3% of every product sold. However, we have not selected our funding partner yet. We are torn by our plastic free lifestyle and honoring our product life force-trees! So, it is a tie between The Plastic Pollution Coalition and One Tree Planted:

Plastic Pollution Coalition

Collected plastic from the beach from Plastic Pollution Coalition 1% for the Planet

The effects of plastic in our waterways can no longer be denied. Micro plastics are working their way up the food chain, and plastic pollution is harming all ecosystems. The Plastic Pollution Coalition tackles single use plastics on a global scale. They encourage a huge network of activists, businesses, NGO’s, politicians, and thought leaders to refuse plastic. Their campaigns empower the masses to make sweeping change, through small actions. This puts consumer pressure on big corporations perpetuating the plastic waste cycle! Additionally, they fund ocean cleanups and develop innovative ways to find plastic alternatives.

One Tree Planted

Team of of tree planters in the Andes mountains One Tree Planted 1% for the Planet

Donations to this non profit would benefit reforestation projects. With every dollar, one tree would be planted. All in an effort to restore the great outdoors. In 2019, they planted 4 million trees. Even through the pandemic, they are on track to plant 15 million in 2020. One Tree Planted is more than planting trees. They support forests globally with specific needs like: species and land protection, fire mitigation, and tribal community networking.

Cast Your Vote

We want to know, which non profit you align with. All month we are holding a vote. You can cast your ballot by dropping emojis anywhere on our social media (🌊 for Plastic Pollution Coalition, or 🌳 for One Tree Planted). Do know, they will not be the only nonprofit we give to. It is where the majority of our donation will go.

Special Announcement: Livity x 1% for the Planet

There is more to come with our trusted 1% for the Planet members. In fact, we have a special announcement! We just joined the 1% for the Planet 2020 Network Auction. Circle back next week for an auction spotlight, and all its worldly goodies! And, stay tuned for our end of the year social enterprise report, where we discuss all the successful projects YOU made possible.