Big announcement! We heard your votes loud and clear. Thank you for helping with this monumental decision. Our selected 1% for the Planet non profit partner is…One Tree Planted. Since we are a tree friendly brand, working with this tree planting charity is fate. Now, 3% of every product sold will go to reforestation efforts. Here is a little about our partnership with this organization.

The Best Tree Planting Charity 

One Tree Planted is determined to reforest the world. Their job is simple, getting trees in the ground. They work in four critical regions in the world: North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. These areas have endured extreme devastation from deforestation to forest fires. By planting more trees we will: clean our air; clean our water, by preventing floods and landslides; strengthen biodiversity; improve our health; create jobs; and protect our climate by reducing carbon in the atmosphere.

One dollar. One Tree.

With donations from Livity, every dollar will plant a tree. Our contributions will be pooled and distributed to their different campaigns. The money is used to grow saplings, employ tree planters and tree maintenance teams. Plus over time One Tree Planted monitors the impact of their planting efforts.

One Tree Planted Graph showing their tree planting charity efforts

How many trees has One Tree Planted planted? 

Since 2014 these tree lovers successfully surpass every yearly goal made. In 2015 they made the goal of 50,000 trees in the ground. In 2020, this tree planting charity has rooted more 15 million trees.

Is One Tree Planted legit? 

Yes and there are a couple ways to verify their legitimacy:

  1. They possess a 501(c)3 tax ID number. This is an IRS charitable organization designation. It requires clean monetary reporting, showing that nobody is profiting off their actions.
  2. As a 1% for the Planet member, One Tree Planted has passed a thorough vetting process. Additionally each non profit member undergoes a yearly financial review. This review ensures their projects are valid and targeted appropriately.
  3. Transparency is all the rage. Thankfully One Tree Planted has downloadable reports of yearly actions. We can see exactly how funds are used.

Livity x One Tree Planted

Our products are intimately linked with the Cork Oak tree, so we know the importance of reforestation. We are thrilled to be working alongside the best tree planting charity in the world. In the future, we hope to partner with them in a bigger way than in kind donations. As our brand grows we will keep you updated with our direct impact.