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My mat is not gripping in my cold practice, what do I do?2020-05-17T17:41:41+05:00

Cork loves heat, warmth, water and sweat. Our cork mats are functionally AMAZING in hot yoga as they will grip in the sweatiest of practice. The grip is activated when the body is warm, and palms are sweaty. We encourage you to sprinkle water on your mat where your hand and feet go before practice for added traction.

Are any trees cut down to make the mats?2020-05-17T17:41:02+05:00

No, no trees are cut down or harmed in the making of the mats. The cork is stripped from the tree after maturation (around 26 years) and is stripped again after every 9-12 years. The stripping of the cork is a sustainable process that allows cork to regenerate on the tree and unlike the myth of cork being endangered, it actually helps the process of producing more cork for the trees.

How can I clean my yoga mat?2020-05-17T17:40:35+05:00

Your yoga mat can easily be cleaned with some warm water and a soft cloth. You can do this once a week, once a month, or once after every session! And if you require a deep cleaning, create your own solution with some warm water, some white vinegar, and a spray bottle. This will help to keep your yoga mat clean and odor-free.

What are the benefits of the alignment cues on your yoga mats?2020-05-17T17:40:03+05:00

The alignment cues on our yoga mats make it easier for you to engage in the proper motions, movements, and positions during your yoga session. This helps to ensure that you can make the most out of each session with proper posture.

Can cork be recycled?2020-05-17T17:39:31+05:00

It can! The cork used in our yoga mats is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable and renewable.

Where does the cork come from?2020-05-17T17:38:29+05:00

Our cork is harvested from cork forests in Portugal where 55% of the world’s cork comes from

What type of sustainable materials do you use for your products?2020-05-17T17:37:39+05:00

We use a combination of cork, bamboo, and natural rubbers to create our products. In addition, we even go to great lengths to ensure that we don’t harvest a single tree to create our products. Instead, we engage in a year’s long process of bark stripping, which allows us to harvest enough bark to create natural cork and bamboo without harming our trees.

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